Whole Recovery

Helping you pick up the pieces

In long term abstinence from substance misuse and crime, passing on those skills and experiences to others on their journey.

"Time will pass by, it's what you do with it that matters. I hope those I meet will choose to decide that NOW is their time, and use it wisely."

Steve Jessop, founder of Whole Recovery
About the founder

January 2016 saw me reach the milestone of 25 years drug and crime free. This achievement follows a 17 year multiple drug using history beginning at age 12 with alcohol.

I know first hand the pain, misery and loss that this lifestyle brings.

The recovery journey is not easy, nor is it quick and comes with its own challenges; Whole recovery is possible and I will draw on all my professional training and life experiences to help you achieve your goals as I have met mine.

People were there for me and I see myself very simply returning the favour.

'Personal statement by Steve Jessop'.



The Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals (FDAP) is the professional body for the substance use field and works to help improve standards of practice across the sector.
It is part of naadac, a registered charity (1075222).

S Jessop - Member No. 1775

Advanced Certificate in Counselling

Accredited by ACC (Association of Christian Counselors)