Whole Recovery

Helping you pick up the pieces

Delivering a flexible client focused support mechanism and wholerecovery ethos, to those looking for change.

Support for the whole journey

Whole Recovery is about taking back what has been lost. Either through substance misuse or the affects of anothers use.

It is about shining a light into the darkness and helping others see it.

It is about going beyond where someone is, to where they could be.

It is about being there as the person discovers this for themselves.

Whole Recovery is inclusive in service delivery and as such is 'a service to all'.

Whole Recovery welcomes people of any gender or sexual orientation.

Whole Recovery welcomes those who may be less able than others.

Whole Recovery welcomes those of any faith or belief system, or none. The 'founder' has a declared personal Christian faith, which is done in the interest of openness and transparency.

Whole Recovery supports and encourages those who are seeking something more than 'maintenance' and wishing to work to repair the broken pieces of their lives for a deeper recovery experience.

Whole Recovery will support a substance user as well as others affected by this use such as family and friends.

Minimum age 16+ with non-verbal parental consent.