Whole Recovery

Helping you pick up the pieces

During the substance misuse journey the individual very often affects many aspects of their life outside the obvious impact to personal physical and mental health.

Relationships breakdown, perhaps separation and loss of contact with family, children and friends. Work difficulties and job loss, or even becoming unemployable as misuse escalates.

Whole Recovery will support family and friends affected by someones substance misuse.

So if you are concerned for someone else then these support options are for you.

Face time 1-1 support

Your support delivered at an agreed time and place to discuss your concerns. This could be at your home or other location that is jointly agreed upon, such as a coffee shop. In good weather outdoor locations are possible.

Please make contact for full details, as there are variables to consider such as distance and possible location choice.

A guide price of £25 p/hr applies.

Remote support options

Remote options are very popular and you can choose what works best for you.

Mobile contact using calls, voicemail or text.

Email - A great tool for sharing how it really is.

Timed calls arranged in advance to fit your needs.

Skype phone and video sessions bridging the gap between remote and face to face options.

Please make contact for details to see how these options can help you. An accumulative cost of £25 p/hr applies.

Appointment or meeting Support

Whole Recovery can accompany you to meetings and appointments which you may find stressful. These may include visits to a Rehabilitation Facility to meet a loved one undergoing treatment, or other difficult situations.

Please provide details, so an all-in package can be made to suit your requirements.

Whole Recovery understands that one substance user immediately affects the lives of eight other people such as family and friends.

Whole Recovery is not a 'crisis' service nor is it available all the time but we wil do all we can to support you so please get in touch.

Mutually agreed goals and choices are explored, agreeing a way forward that is right for you. Whole Recovery puts you, the individual at the forefront of the process.

Sadly the home may have become a place of unpleasant memories. A place of tension and frustration, perhaps you no longer feel safe.

Whole Recovery will support you using a range of locations so you can get the best out of the support available.

Family members can become disempowered over time following the behaviour of the substance user.

This can result in unhealthy options being taken in the hope that 'this time they will stop'.

When you are lying awake for yet another night, it is good to know someone will respond to your thoughts as you hit the 'send email' button. It is a means of sharing and release that works.

Whole Recovery would like to be as flexible as possible to support you. So just ask if any questions come to mind as we would love to help.

Whole Recovery can put support bundles together that work for you, so please get in touch.