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Terms and Conditions

Whole Recovery Terms and Conditions

Whole Recovery is a concept originating from the personal recovery experience of Stephen Jessop.

These experiences may be shared at times where there is a reasonable reason to do so.

This is in keeping with Whole Recovery's desire to promote openness and transparency of service, within a professional context.

An example of this is S Jessops personal bio 'faith statement'. This seeks to increase the service's accessibility to the many people who also have 'a faith' but may find it difficult to share this in a purely secular setting. Whole Recovery is committed to demonstrate inclusivity in every professional context, and empowering people to walk in freedom.

Whole Recovery is not a counselling or crisis service, but a support service. It is for those seeking, or in recovery; and for those affected by another's substance misuse regardless of that substance. It has a minimum engagement age of sixteen with none verbal parental consent.

Whole Recovery will operate within the guidelines of confidentiality and professional conduct as laid down within the accreditation standards of fdap (Federation of Drug and Alcohol Professionals - S Jessop member). And the ACC (Association of Christian Counsellors - S Jessop advanced cert).

Whole Recovery holds public and professional indemnity insurance and is committed to CPD (Continued Personal Development) and also engages external supervision.

Whole Recovery actively networks with others who it is felt are able to bring other experiences and expertise to enhance a person's situation, e.g. counselling. Any such referral is done with the best of intentions but the individual must determine if this service is actually for them at any given time.

The responsibility therefore rests with the person seeking support to make this judgment. Whole Recovery does not accept the content of other websites/emails/or other communication which does not originate from itself.

Whole recovery will endeavour to facilitate someone's request for support but reserve the right to alter or withdraw from this support should there be professional grounds to do so Where possible such matters would be discussed with those involved, such occasions may be around personal safety or the unpreparedness of the individual for specific support, or for other professional reasons.

While Whole Recovery supports those individuals who are in recovery and thereby may be still at times taking a substance, individuals are asked to take steps that enable themselves to receive support at any meeting. Whole Recovery withholds the right to withdraw from any meeting if an individual is unable to engage at a reasonable level as determined at the time.

Costs may still be payable if the individual has not attempted to contact Whole Recovery within a reasonable time of two hours.

If a support session is cancelled for circumstances beyond reasonable control, Whole Recovery will contact those affected as soon as possible; but in doing so accepts no responsibility for such matters out of its reasonable control.

Whole Recovery accepts its duty with regards to the care of vulnerable adults or children, and as such will work with those accessing the service should a situation give cause for concern. This may affect an individual's confidentiality and Whole Recovery may be legally obligated to contact other services in these circumstances.

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